Wholesome Ingredients

We believe in wholesome ingredients. Our food contains no added MSG like most other restaurants, but we still deliver on flavor. Our Pho broth is slow simmered with the freshest spices. Grease is not a flavor and you won't find it in our food. Our food is carefully balanced in flavor so you can taste the complexity that goes into our food. We also work hard to remove any corn syrup from our products. We believe that real cane sugar provides a better tasting sweetener than using corn syrup products.

Made In-house from Scratch

Not a phrase we take lightly. Most of our baked goods are made in-house with flour, sugar, eggs, spices, real fruit, and time. We make our own almond milk, vanilla syrup, and our own speciality syrups. We even make our own chai with a blend of flavorful spices sure to warm you up on the most frigid of days.